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The "Johnny Lightning" ship series

Since we were talking about the much-loved Micro Machine miniatures in another thread, it got me thinking about the Johnny Lighting series, another one that was really good, but had a few rather odd choices as to which ship got made as miniatures.

You had most of the hero ships: 1701 (TOS and refit), 1701-A, 1701-D, NX-01, and Voyager. (No DS9, no Defiant, no runabout, no Delta Flyer, and no 1701-E, though )

You also had many of the usual suspects: Reliant, Galileo, Klingon battle cruiser, Romulan BoP, and a Borg Cube.

Funnily enough, there were quite a few familiars they left out: No other Klingon or Romulans (other than a "Romulan battle cruiser" repaint). No Excelsior. No Grissom. No Nebulas (Nebulae?). No "B" or "C". Nothing from "Voyager" or "Enterprise" except the hero ships. Nothing AT ALL from DS9, except one minor ship I'll talk about shortly:

Instead, obviously to save $ by using the same molds, we got a whole whack of repaints and variants of ships they already did. Pretty much all of the above got reissued as some type of "battle damaged" version. Unless it's the Constellation, I don't really care for battle damaged stuff. Same goes for all these "cloaked" versions that were made with transparent plastic. They did the future-"D" from "All Good Things...", which I suppose was probably a new mold, but I never saw one up close.

They also came out with some other ships from the same classes. That I'm actually okay with. The one and only ship from DS9 was the 10-second Majestic, so they could re-use the Reliant molds. They made a Yamato, an ISS NX-01, and a Constitution-class Excalibur and Defiant. (I still really want that last one!)

Not sure why they'd go with the Yamato (Not that I mind. I actually have one). It's just just that if they wanted a Galaxy-class besides the big "D", it wasn't on screen too long compared to the Odyssey or the Challenger. As for the Majestic, if you're gonna reuse Reliant molds, why not something more memorable, like dispensing with the roll bar and making a Lantree, Brattain, Bozeman, or Saratoga? If they were making other ships of the same class, I wouldn't have minded a Columbia, Avenger, Bellerephon, or some more Constitutions.

Besides the above, were there any you think they missed out on making? (A Jem'Hadar fighter would've been nice, if you ask me.)
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