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Re: Spectre of the Gun

I guess we could claim that there was no ambiguity about the situation with Chekov yet, but the creation of the tranquilizer involved some people who were already skeptical of the outcome (chiefly Spock, but perhaps also McCoy), and the Melkot puppet masters could not decide whether to run their fake world according to the wishes of the believers or the wishes of the skeptics.

The other rationalization within the given rules is that the Melkotian criteria for the simulation were "just as in the brief mental image of Kirk", and this allowed for no updating or introduction of modern elements. That is, everything would take place just as in Kirk's (inaccurate and romanticized) account of the OK Corral events, and anesthetics that did not yet exist in the 19th century would not be allowed to exist in the simulation, either.

Timo Saloniemi
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