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Re: I need to run this by some people...

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I lurk more than I post, I suppose it is because I think it is redundant offer my two cents when everyone else has, especially when threads like this give me a headache because they become more about the contemplation of the act of asking a girl out rather than sharing the outcome of the attempt.
I somehow overlooked your post before. Sorry, didn't mean to ignore you.

As much as it looked like it, this really wasn't a "I like a girl and I'm nervous about asking her out" thread. That was more of a separate issue. I understood long before starting this thread that the solution was "find the balls that you've clearly misplaced and fucking ask her out!" However, understanding something logically and being in the proper emotional state to do it are two separate things. Although, several people pointing this out probably helped with that.

The point of the thread was more "I have an idea for something that is in line with my penchant for being exceedingly obtuse. However, if too overt it may appear creepy, and if too subtle won't be noticed and be a waste of time. How likely is it that I can pull off something between the two extremes." Which, several people pointed out that my original title was probably too overt, and I decided they were right. Although, at first I thought she didn't get it, but given recent developments, I'm pretty sure she got it and understood what I was getting at. So, I probably pulled it off.

Also, it has come to my attention that my avatar of the Weird Kid from Misfits was probably shaping the perception of this thread, even for those that aren't familiar with the show or character. So, I changed my avatar to the fictional character I most identify with and best represents my personality: Shawn Spencer from Psych. If one goes back and imagines Shawn narrating all my posts, this thread will probably make a lot more sense.

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What did you want to discuss?
Facetiousness. When is it appropriate to be facetious? How does one determine if another is being facetious? How does being facetious affect one's ability to communicate?

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I don't allow crying in my presence, cyber or otherwise, unless there is an understanding between the cryer and his/her partner or potential partner that my listening to the crying is done out of an impartial and respectful desire to partake of the human condition and that there will be no personal, ie possibly bonding element between the cryer and myself as a result of the crying.
That's probably the best impersonation of me I've seen in quite a while.
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