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Re: Is TOS the best sci-fi TV American series until 1985?

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Thing there is, Kirk himself never claimed that "R" was his middle initial, and neither did Kirk's official record from Court Martial.

So how is Mitchell placing a R on James T. Kirk's tombstone in the tiniest way a lack of "internal consistency?"

Because when Court Martial was written they ( writers/producers/continuity checkers) should have remembered it had been established that Kirks middle initial is "R".

Mitchell is Kirk's best friend. It's unlikely he wouldn't know his middle initial.
I don't know. Even today, people don't use their middle names much. I suppose, if pressed, I could come up with the middle names of some of my oldest friends, but I can think of plenty of long-time friends and colleagues whose middle names I never had cause to know. Hell, I couldn't tell you my agent's middle name and he's been representing me for nearly fifteen years . . . .
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