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Re: Celebrity paradoxes

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I don't see any paradox at all.

I mean, does anyone complain when actors like Vaughn Armstrong play over a dozen roles? Those characters look alike (he's even played multiple members of the same race, i.e. Klingons) and yet nobody would think it odd.
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Another example is Rain Robinson talking about the show "Mission: Impossible". If someone were to watch some of the later episodes of the show, would they notice one of the main characters resembles a certain Vulcan Ambassador?
One indication that Ms. Robinson doesn't live in our "real" universe would be the spacecraft model on display in her work area. It isn't a space shuttle, it's a DY spacecraft.

Yet, if someone in the 24th Century on Voyager were to access historical records on America's 44th president, how much of this would be present?
Other than Washington, Lincoln and FDR, we don't know who the American Presidents were in the Star Trek universe. After the events of the Eugenics War, would Obama for example have been elected to the Senate or the White House?

Were other Presidents mentioned on the show?

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In a "hardware" variation of this idea; Kirk's Enterprise was supposedly named after Archer's NX-01. The NX-01 was named for the Space Shuttle Enterprise, it was even followed by an NX-02, Colombia. And, as we all know, the Space Shuttle Enterprise was named for the fictional ship "Enterprise" from Stare Trek.
No, the NX-01 was named after the Enterprise E that Cochrane saw through his telescope, Deanna told him the name of the ship. Kirk's ship was named after a long line of American naval ships.

If the Enterprise (prime) were named specifically after the NX-01, then wouldn't the NX-01 have been present in the display of former Enterprises in TMP?

Debatably, prior to the events of FC, the NX-01 historically wasn't named Enterprise.

To those who ask why the NX-01 wasn't present among the pictures in TMP or the observation lounge on TNG, I'll point out that neither of those displays is complete: The TNG one doesn't include the shuttle, the sailing ship, or the eliptical ship.

Yes, other presidents have been mentioned, or referenced. Truman, for instance, was mentioned in "Little Green Men". Nixon, of course, in ST6. I think JFK was mentioned in "His Way". Several could be seen when the timeline restores itself in "Storm Front, Part 2", including Carter, Reagan, Clinton and both Bushes.

First of all, none of the Klingon characters Vaughn played have interacted with the same characters, nor did they live in the same centuries. Given the distinct difference in appearance of many aliens, I doubt the first thing most characters would notice would be a voice reminiscent of an individual from a completely different race.
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