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UT:TFV - Part II - Scorched Earths (Chapter 4)

Chapter 4

What remained of the brutalized saucer section drifted away, lifeless and without power, as the drive section of the starship Galaxy left the greater mass of its former self behind.

Yet another encountered with the enraged Voranti had resulted in the already battered saucer taking multiple hits from beam and missile weapons that had overwhelmed their failing shields. The three Voranti ships had taken significant damage themselves in the exchange, but all were still advancing on the increasingly battered Galaxy.

Captain Scott had evacuated the last of her personnel to the drive section, to include Admiral Jellico and his staffers from the Taskforce Operations Center. Jellico wasn’t happy, but at least he was keeping his own counsel as to Scott’s command decisions regarding the continuing hostilities with the Voranti.

Now she sat in the comparatively claustrophobic battle bridge, watching events unfold on the abbreviated forward viewer as they tried to outrun their persistent attackers.

“Auto-separation complete, Captain,” Ops announced. “Saucer section is falling behind.”

The Voranti squadron advanced, skirting the abandoned husk of the great disc as they maintained pursuit of the stardrive.

“Open fire when they come in range,” Scott advised the Tactical officer. “Discontinue our efforts to knock out their weapons and engines, this has gone on too long,” she added grimly.

“Kill shots, sir?” the lieutenant asked.

“Affirmative,” Scott confirmed.

As the retreating stardrive launched a wave of scintillating phaser fire and photon torpedoes at its pursuers, a glimmer of life returned to the discarded saucer section that now drifted behind the Voranti.

The Voranti reinforced their forward shields to meet the stardrive’s onslaught, sapping power from their rearmost screens.

The unexpected flight of quantum torpedoes from the saucer caught the Voranti by surprise, punching through their compromised aft deflectors to envelope each of the craft in a destructive corona of energy. All three vessels were annihilated in seconds, reduced to subatomic debris by the awesome conflagration.

An incoming hail transformed into an image of Commander Worf occupying the center seat on Galaxy’s bridge. “Your gambit was a success, Captain,” Worf noted with approval.

“We survived,” she countered tersely. “Having to destroy them wasn’t optimal.”

Worf was unmoved by her reluctance. “We have shown restraint at each encounter, sir. They chose to back us into a corner, and they have suffered the consequences.”

She accepted the logic of his argument grudgingly. “Perhaps so. Make preparations to reconnect with the drive section, Commander.”

“Aye, Captain.”

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