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Re: Trek Art FAQ - Rough Draft - Review and Comment

Posted by Ptrope:
"I have nude images/photomanipulations of actors and characters from Star Trek and/or other scifi shows/movies. What are the rules regarding posting these?"

Not that I do (and not that I don't, in some cases; let's face it: they're out there and we've all seen them and maybe even saved some ), but it seems like a question that should be addressed, as well.
Well, I absolutely DO NOT have over 800 nude pictures of Jeri/Seven, nor do I have any of Janeway, Torres, Rand, Uhura, Dax, Kira, Mary Ann, or Ginger. I also don't have any of Emma Peele, or Barbarella.

I don't really and anyone who accuses me of it is

I did find one of Olive Oil and Wilma Flinstone....WHEW!!!
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