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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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Christopher, GNP titled the track incorrectly. What they call "Monster Illusion" was really "Monster Fight".
Okay, that's odd, since the GNP album does include a track called "Monster Fight" as well. The relevant tracks are listed on the LP as follows:

6. Probed 0:45
7. Monster Illusion 1:13
8. Monster Fight 1:37
9. The Kibitzers 0:36

From what Basill says, it's possible the CD listed the tracks differently than the LP did, because the LP lists "Torchy Girl" as only 12 seconds long, way too short to be "Vina's Dance" (which is the previous cue). Here's the full track list from the original LP edition (with typos included):

Side 1
1. Star Trek Theme (Main Title) 0:50
20. Additional Credits 0:20

Basill, how does this compare to the track list on your CD edition?
Well, the list matches perfectly (for a single sided disc with equivilent tracks), but of course listening tells a different story.

There are still 35 tracks total, but somewhere around "Monster Illusion" (I suspect) things go amok. It appears something not accounted for is simply plopped into the order, and the following tracks are shifted forward. What is listed as "Kibitzers" is unquestionably "Monster Fight" in actuality. Strangely enough, somewhere down the line things fall back into place for the finishing of Where No Man Has Gone Before. I'm not certain where precisely, though it's likely that the 3 second "Hit the Button" track is totally absent. I do know "Instant Paradise" and the remaining tracks are perfectly placed. If anything the CD listed things exactly the same way as the LP when it should not have.

It has always driven me crazy, but I look forward to it all being where it belongs, AND having that delicious "Siren Song" music, notably absent to me for the 25 or so years since I got this CD.

(Oh, and everything else. )
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