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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

We’re not used to second-guessing James Bond, because he always wins, but he makes a very questionable one here.

Silva wants to kill M (and himself, it turns out), so Bond takes her to his old house, lets nobody on his side know where they’re going, but leaves a “trail of breadcrumbs” inviting the villain to come after them with an army. Is this really a good idea?

M doesn’t survive the showdown. Bond showing up at the end to put a knife in Silva’s back changes nothing. So what does Bond actually accomplish in this film? He blows up the house and the car and kills a bunch of hired hands, all for nothing. Bond failing in this manner might make him more “real” and compelling. It’s certainly not what one ordinarily expects from a Bond film.

ETA: In the poll at the top of the thread, the grades are almost universally high. The lowest vote is (as of this posting) a single vote for D+. Who’s the voter who was so disappointed? M.
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