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Re: MLB Offseason 2012

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Miguel Cabrera voted MVP with 22 out of 28 first place votes. I think Mike Trout objectively had the better season, but I'm fine with this because Cabrera made the playoffs and made history.
The Angels had more wins than the Tigers, for what it's worth. In any event, Cabrera shouldn't win the MVP award just because he had the fortune to play on a team that fell ass-backwards into the playoffs because the Sox completely shit the bed. Trout had a season for the ages -- his best comparison is Mickey Mantle, for heaven's sake.

There's also the little thing about the Triple Crown being kind of meaningless, because it just means that Cabrera was lucky enough to come up to bat when the goobers in front of him had gotten on base. Aggregate RBI totals aren't a metric of a player's talent in the slightest.

To be fair, I'd be less upset if it were, like, 15 - 13 in favor of Cabrera. The landslide is just ridiculous and speaks to how moronic a good portion of the BBWAA is.

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Motherfucker gonna get paid soon.

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