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Re: TNG Caption This! 291: Random Silliness

Data: The probe has exited the other end of the wormhole. According to its sensors, it is somewhere in the Delta Quadrant, over 75,000 light years from here. The probe is picking up some kind of space station, shooting energy pulses to a nearby star system".

Picard: Interesting...Data...

Data stops him..

Data: Captain...something is happening. There is some kind of inference from the energy pulses. It is keeping the ship computer from saving the telemetry from the probe. We won't be able to show anything...

Picard: You mean nobody will know the coordinates of this wormhole?

Data: Precisely

Picard: *shrugs* It's not like anybody will need to know about this wormhole. Ensign, resume our course to Devaled V. Warp 8...engage
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