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Re: I need to run this by some people...

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"Arrangement"? Dude, you two have a nascent friendship, not a job!
The two are actually somewhat similar, hence the point of the comic.

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Good rule of thumb, IMHO: don't do anything she doesn't do first, and do less of it.
For the most part, yes. That's probably one of the things I won't need to mention unless it becomes relevant. Of course, she could cross the line and I wouldn't necessarily know.

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Ironically, it sounds to me as though you may be coming down with a case of oneitis, for which the cure is to go out and meet ten other women. {...} Until then, however, it's probably best to direct your romantic/+sexual hopes elsewhere... unless, of course, you elect to straight-up ask her to dump her guy and give you a shot.
This does not apply to my way of thinking, and would take a very long time to explain. It's easier just to say, read up on polyamory if the subject is of academic or personal interest to you. I can probably dig up some links if you'd like.[/quote]

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If, in the course of your parallel developing friendship with this gal, she lets on that her bf's a dick, tell her she deserves to be treated better. If her relationship fails, the sooner you become aware of that, the better.
I need to be cautious about this sort of thing. I don't trust myself to decide if her boyfriend is a dick or not. To put it bluntly: he's interfering with what I want, I'm biased, and I'm not going to be a dick. For me to interfere in their relationship, he would have to be acting abusive toward her, or she would have to explicitly state that she wants the relationship to end. If abuse was happening, and I get her out of it, I would recommend she talk to a real counselor and not pursue romance with anyone for at least several months.

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I think you're reading him entirely wrong.
I'd say he and I have different perspectives and past experiences, we intrepret things differently, and neither one of us is wrong or right.

What I said elsewhere really bothered you, didn't it? Fine! I like you now. So lets hug and then have a lengthy discussion about boundaries.
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