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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Adigeon Prime where Dr. Bashir's parents took him for his genetic enhancements.
B is for Berengaria VII, a geologically shaky class-M world where Spock once saw the huge, native dragons.
C is for Ceti Alpha VI. A real booming place once upon a time. Too bad it's gone to pieces.
D is for Delta IV, home of bald, sexually celibate female Starfleet officers.
E is for Eugenics Wars.
F is for France. Jean-Luc Picard and his family hailed from there, specifically Labarre.
G is for Gamma Quadrant. Where no good deed goes unpunished.
H is for Horta. The creature that was the reason Dr. McCoy told Kirk "I'm a doctor not a bricklayer."
I is for Inaprovaline, a powerful drug of the Trek era used by many Starfleet doctors to treat patients.
J is for Janus VI. Where the Horta species lived.
K is for Kamarag, Klingon ambassador to the Federation from at least 2286 until 2293.
L is for Locutus of Borg.
M is for MORN. Quark's most regular customer on DS9.
N is for the Nagus, the political and financial ruler of the Ferengi Alliance.
O is for Ocampa. Short in stature as well as short lived.
P is for Praetor, the ruler of the Romulan Star Empire who governs through his Proconsul and the Senate.
Q is for Quantum Birth Control. Contraceptive of the 24th century and beyond!
R is for Reliant, Pavel Chekov's starship assignment after serving a second five-year mission aboard the Enterprise.
S is for Surak. The Vulcan messiah.
T is for Training Vessel. Fleet Captain Christopher Pike was crippled by delta radiation trying to save Starfleet cadets aboard a training vessel.
U is for universal translator.
V is for Vulcanus.
W is for warp speed.
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