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Re: Would a black slaver or a concentration camp chief be controversia

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Sure. I've had similar ideas myself. I would have loved to seen a 60s satire/commentary on the way Blacks/minorities were treated in the 50s and 60s by having our heroes discover a humanoid settled world with the exact opposite racial demographics and political/socio-economic structure. Black people are the majority and oppressing the whites.
So basically Paul Kinsey's Star Trek screenplay from Mad Men (and IIRC a rejected idea for an actual Star Trek episode where aliens view McCoy as Uhura's slave.)

I dunno. The racial/gender role reversal is kind of a hoary old SF cliche at this point (TNG's "Angel One" being a particularly weak example of it) and I have read some pretty strident criticisms of it as an idea. So at the very least it'd depend on execution that is subtle, sensitive and clever.
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