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Re: Would a black slaver or a concentration camp chief be controversia

^^^Is that the movie with Sidney Poitier? Naturally a huge bomb, even though it was a cheapie.

Steven Barnes wrote some alternate history novel with Africans colonizing the Americas and enslaving the Irish. Couldn't read it, I think to much Niven (and that means Pournelle) influence on him.

Commonly there is no controversy, these things are just dsimissed as "boring" or "heavy handed." Calling something boring is never legit, because it's meaningless. Why is it boring? Given this is the golden age of melodrama, calling something "heavy handed" is a dead giveaway of bad faith argument. Sometimes they try to take the high road by pretending a superior taste for realistic and deep moral ambiguity and shades of grey and such trendy cliches, but the inability to discuss (or even cite) anything factual still gives those people away.
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