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Re: Why are there no Nuts / Bolts / Screws in Star Trek?

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not small pipes for fluids.
As was yours of it being a "pipe.".

The object in the middle of the floor (Klingon scene) has to do with power and dilithium crystals, not tanks of liquids.
So, just like the larger tanks in STXI contained the warp cores and not liquids.
We never heard the term "warp core" during TOS. So the term wouldn't apply to the "gizmo" in the TOS engine room.

And how would a warp core be a "tank" anyway.

So, not just like.

The vertical cylinder in the TAS scene is unlikely to be filled with water.
As was yours of it being a "pipe.".

And in fact, the coolant pipe from STXI is about the only thing in the Trekverse the mysterious clear pipe from TAS resembles.
What coolant pipe? The one Scotty was in? Kirk activated a control board to open the turbine release valve. It's that valve that dumped Scotty out of the water pipe prior to him going through the turbine. Seconds later Chekov reported to Spock " ...unauthorized access to water turbine control board."


The still from Final Frontier appears to be a Jeffries tube
I see a corridor, packed entirely with pipes, none of which have any specified functions. I wonder what an open plan version of that section might resemble...
Scotty specifically refers to it as a "tunnel." When did we see any Enterprise corridors with conduits that needed stepping over, or ducked under?

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