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Re: VOY Caption This 90; Anomaly...

Doctor: The prognosis is not good Mr Paris, your incessant watching of that 'TV' has severely radiated your cells.

Janeway: Keep this secret Seven, no one needs to know about how I contracted two aliens to covertly perform a facelift on me...

Species 8472: Feeding time!

Neelix: Are you sure this is safe commander Chakotay? I don't why but I swear this will not end well.

Chakotay: The worst part is I have to keep drinking water to stop my throat turning to dust!
Neelix: That's bad? My expanded spots are emitting so many pheromones there is a whole horde of female crewmen beyond those sickbay doors trying to get inside.
Chakotay: That is bad...
Star Trek: The Approaching Shadow...

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