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Re: I need to run this by some people...

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These kinds of things are necessary because I know from plenty of experience that stupid bullshit gets in the way very easily but can be avoided if everyone pays attention, and if the arrangement isn't going to work ....
"Arrangement"? Dude, you two have a nascent friendship, not a job!

Kommander wrote: View Post
Can I touch her affectionately in other ways as long as they're not overtly sexual? Some of these things come naturally to me and I need to know if I'm likely to cross the line without realizing it.
Good rule of thumb, IMHO: don't do anything she doesn't do first, and do less of it.

Ironically, it sounds to me as though you may be coming down with a case of oneitis, for which the cure is to go out and meet ten other women. If, in the course of your parallel developing friendship with this gal, she lets on that her bf's a dick, tell her she deserves to be treated better. If her relationship fails, the sooner you become aware of that, the better. Until then, however, it's probably best to direct your romantic/+sexual hopes elsewhere... unless, of course, you elect to straight-up ask her to dump her guy and give you a shot.
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