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Re: Supernatural 8x7 "A Little Slice of Kevin" spoiler discussion thre

I love Kevin's mom.

This was a great episode. What kind of angel is Amanda Tapping? Why is Cass worth the lives of many other angels? How did they get into and out of Purgatory when it is supposed to be inaccessible to anybody? If Amanda Tapping is so powerful, why doesn't she take care of Crowley herself? So many questions.

Loved seeing Cass back and get his wings up on Crowley. Also loved Cass's true memory of Dean leaving Purgatory.

And now we have the Compendium to think about. Did Crowley say something about there being classes of beings in addition to angels and demons? Maybe Amanda Tapping is one of those.

Definitely the best episode this season, and in a long while.
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