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Re: Star Trek: A Singular Destiny

Here is the teaser for the next installment:

Coyote Sands, Arizona

“So now you know the story of Jack Harkness. Now what are we going to do about bringing your dad back, Claire?”

Claire Bennet was in a fix, now that all eyes were on her. She knew that her dad’s death was perpetrated by the man sitting over at Jack’s table. Everyone knew that, most of all Gabriel Gray, AKA, Sylar.

She had thought of her idea of a plan for three days now, so she decided to speak about it.

“First we have to figure out the timeline. How long has it been since the world had seen my father out and about? What conditions existed since he died. Can we go back to say a few weeks afterwards to make it look like he’s active, but resting. After the attack, can we make it so that he was in an accident to make the world think he’s dead? After that we could pretend to have found him, and brought him back to Washington, so that he could work again.”

“Sounds good to me, Peter, Hiro, what can we do to make this happen?”

Peter speaks up about it. “Well, my brother has a pilot’s license. He has a small prop plane in a hanger in Georgetown. We could revive him, but keep him unconscious. Crash the plane in a rural area, maybe southern Virginia. Then do some fine tuning for a supposed rescue.”

Hiro tells them all about his Time Travel Powers and some of his experiences recently. "I am able to help Peter, if he wants me to. I have learned to control my powers that much at this point. However, in my travels, I have learned that fate is impossible to deny. No matter what happens, it will prevail. I am sure that Captain Jack agrees with me in this."

"Yes. That much is true. Time is resilient. Only one person I knew of could truly change it, even when there was a fixed point."


"Exactly!" A new voice chimes in from a tall man dressed in a tweed jacket, suspenders, with a red bow tie. The others look at him in confusion at his wide smile.

Jack Harkness looked on in shock at the man who came out of the bathroom with a straw in his mouth. He knew it was the Doctor immediately.

“Doctor? New face again?”

“Jack, when I saw you last, on Zog, I was regenerating, I was tying up my loose ends, so to speak.”

“What brings you here now, then?”

“A few things, but first, this is a huge group of people here, hello everyone, I am The Doctor!”
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