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Cracking eggs in a separate bowl individually in case one is off[/B]: So you spend how many days of your life if you're a regular baker washing out that extra bowl? And how many times was an egg off, not even once a year. Maybe not even once every five years. Okay so maybe ONCE in your entire life you destroyed a cake because you dumped an off smelling egg into it and you had to throw the whole thing out, isn't this worth the days of your life you got back when you threw your hyper-vigilance out the window?
The only time I crack eggs into a bowl separately is when I'm separating them for meringue or chiffon cake. That way, if a bit of yolk gets into the white, you haven't destroyed the entire bowl of egg whites.

Perhaps I'm just less perfectly coordinated than you are, and don't trust myself not to screw it up, but it also takes me 2 seconds to wash an additional small bowl.

But then, yes, I make my bed, mostly because I made the quilts & afghans on it & like to see the results of my hard work & skill.
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