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Re: Why are there no Nuts / Bolts / Screws in Star Trek?

A couple of tubes in real Trek is a lot more different from AXIS chemicals that is JJ engineering. Plus TOS and TNG were a lot less cluttered than then the beer factory, which nothing was done to make it look like some advanced vessel.

JJ = A lot bigger, more sloppy, more cluttered and no a thing done to hide the fact it was a brewery....not a THING was done to conceal it. Another reason I consider JJ another overrated hack. He must have spent all the budget on CGI and lens flares, I guess.

But, getting back on track, I opt for the lack of screws and so on is for a much more advanced way of building, in the TOS-TNG Trek, anyhow, especially considering the inclusion of advanced, alien technology used to build them.
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