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Though this is based on my experiences with the mental health clinic in my area, I think it has some wider resonance.

I noted that people are loyal and will defend people based on some perceived superiority. This superiority could be based on a title alone. The man is a psychiatrist, so he is above reproach.

I noted that people blindly follow methodology, even when that methodology can cause harm or slow progress. The medicines aren't working, so let's increase them. Uh, doctor, I am reverting back to what I was before, and the medicines aren't working. Trust me, I am a psychiatrist, and you are not, so go along with what I tell you. I am increasing the medicines.

I noted that the process of change is slow. It will take five to six weeks before I hear whether or not my request is accepted. In the meantime, if I have issues, go to the emergency room.

These three issues are seen in the other scientific fields, including archaeology.
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