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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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Okay... comparing to the GNP Crescendo album's track list, the only previously unreleased cues from "The Cage" are "Long Look" and "Who Was Eve?" (Plus a couple of title variances -- "Probing" was listed as "Probed" and "To Catch a T." as "To Catch a Talosian.") I'm a bit puzzled, because I thought the music for the Rigel Fortress establishing sequence was unreleased, and "Long Look" is in the wrong place to be that. Is my memory wrong?
Don't know about Long Look, but track 5 is about 30 seconds longer than on the GNP release.

From Jeff Bond:
"The big thing missing from the original "Cage" album was "Monster Illusion"--that's the throbbing siren song you hear just before Pike fights the big Viking guy on Rigel--and you hear it when Spock's being taken over by the spores in "This Side of Paradise" and other moments--one of Trek's most iconic pieces of music."

EDIT: I hate it when it turns out there's another page of posts I didn't read.
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