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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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Slates are all accurate. I never understood the placement, but they are accurate. I have all of the paperwork.

"Monster Illusion" is previously unreleased, and includes the female vocalist. This cue is also heard prominently in "This Side of Paradise".

And we sound so much better than the GNP album, it isn't funny.

That's the piece Christopher was looking for then, and thus track #5 with "Monster Illusion" is my single most anticipated piece on this set (among many mind you).

Happy happy, joy joy!

All the confusion doesn't surprise me, given that even my GNP CD is out of kilter in relation to track titles and order. Granted, it's pretty old now, but mine are all off by one track sometime early in The Cage's section. "Vina's Dance" is listed as "Torchy Girl" on my CD. It's messed up on both the paperwork (insert and case) and the disc's surface, as well as on any info the disc offers to players. I don't know if everybody's is as badly listed but I've often wondered what went wrong with that batch.
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