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Re: One of's writers did a review of Diane Carey's Final Front

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I just the Vonda McIntyre’s Enterprise: The First Adventure review.

Does she do a lot of weird stuff in Trek too? I mean the Crystal star was one of the weirdest things by SW standards.

Crispin did a great Han Trilogy on the other hand.
E: TFA had genetically-engineered pegasus getting to fly for the first time and Spock's cousin Stephen, an emotional Vulcan juggler, as the Enterprise ferried a carnival between Starbases. Oh, and Spock mind-melds with a big bird and ends up thinking he's one too. Weird enough?
I remember not liking that book and some of the others around at the time which took Trek off in really fanciful directions.

I haven't read that many of Careys books outside of novelisations but did read Dreadnought and Battlestations years ago and enjoyed them. It's a pity the portrayal of Boma isn't consistent with 'That Which Divides', but there's no doubt lots of other issues as well.
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