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Re: Vulcan telepathy: unused potential

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You mean, hire Vulcans as permanent mind-rapists? Yeah, that's sure going to go over well. Just because they can do it -- and it's hardly canon that they can -- that doesn't mean that they'd want to, or that the Federation would want them to, or that it's even slightly ethical.
And herein lies a great idea for a book or a trilogy of books. Perhaps there was a faction of Vulcans who didn't fully embrace Suraks teachings and who remained on Vulcan (which would eliminate the Romulans). Perhaps they worked on improving their psi abilities so they could control or better yet, manipulate other races - or Vulan itself. Unethical, of course - and why, I don't know, I'm flying by the seat of my pants here, but as a quick thought, there is potential to explore the idea that they were not just touch telepaths.
It was kind of done in the novel, "The Lost Years."
I don't remember that angle - been a long time, but I am going to have another look at that one.
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