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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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"Monster Illusion" is previously unreleased, and includes the female vocalist.
Odd... the GNP label gives track 7 as "MONSTER ILLUSION 1:13."

Oh, but the combined times for "Probed," "Monster Illusion," "Monster Fight," and "The Kibitzers" is only 4:11 (not counting gaps between tracks, I think, since the times listed are consistently a bit shorter than those on the CD list), while the new listing gives a combined total of 5:40 for those. So maybe the GNP version of "Monster Illusion" is a partial cue. (I do wish these track listings would give individual timings for each separate cue in the combined tracks. It'd make it easier to sort this out.)

Oh, did they maybe leave out the part with the vocalist because of clearance issues?
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