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Re: Louisiana petitions Obama for secession.

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Look, you posted a map. That's cute.
Please, yours is much more darling than mine.

Where would this new "Confederation" import everything else from?
Same places they do now? Why do you assume that relations between America an the newly sovereign states would be acrimonious?

While no State has ever left the country, some American territories have left to form new nations, and they continue to have quite good relations with America.

You'd lose all your network television and sports leagues (with those franchises leaving the new country).
American TV plays over large sections of the world, why would it stop wanting revenue from advertising?

I would imagine that the sport franchises would remain with their present cities. That is where they have their stadiums and their fan base.

You'd have no manufacturing base
With a hypothedically lower business tax rate and more reasonable regulations, why would they have no American manufacturing? American businesses would flock to the new and superior business/manufacturing environment.

No different than jobs going "over seas." Except it is former Americans doing the jobs.

all the federal land within their borders.
You mean of course the public lands, the citizen of those area being the public. And it being their land to start with.

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