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Yeah, I believe it was Unreal that introduced WASD, though I could be wrong. It was such a brilliant yet simple change that made sense and PC gaming had never been the same since
For me, it was probably either Unreal 1, Quake 1 or Duke 3d that got me using WASD.

For Doom 1 & 2, I managed to scrape through using Q & A for backwards and forwards, O & P for left and right, Shift for space, M for fire. That (like Reverend) is probably a legacy from the spectrum days. It was only with those when I found I really needed to use the mouse.

Oh, I never played much Quake, so it might have had that setup too, though I thought I remembered it still used the arrow keys and shift setup.

I still remember Unreal and thought that was one of the things it did really well.
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