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Re: American Horror Story: Asylum (Spoilers)

I wonder if we'll see more "mystery" characters in future season. In Season One, the question was, "Who was Rubber Man?" This season is about Bloody Face. I never would've guessed who he truly was if not for the speculations discussed in this thread.

It would be interesting to see if Dr. Arden was in fact revealed to be a Nazi criminal. The Nazi hunter that Sister Jude consulted said that Arden was supposed to have some tattoo on his arm to confirm his background, but we never saw that last night. The episode was bizarre in a way; it almost had a sense of finality to it (like a bad ending of sorts). Kit was picked up when he made a taped confession (bad move). Sister Jude, thinking her career was finished, left the asylum in a haste, went into a bar, and had a one-night stand with a stranger (can nuns really do that in real life?). Poor Lana fell right into the hands of the person least likely to be suspected of being a serial murderer.
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