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Not much choice at this point. Thanks to JJ, Paramount's got a LOT of lost time to make up for in terms of getting people excited again. I'm strongly tempted to say even this is too little, too damn late.

There's still half a year to go before it premieres. There's plenty of time to promote the movie and then some.

If I'm "Joe Star Trek Fan", then I know the film is coming out next May -- and while telling me stuff about the film 6 months before it comes out is good for me, it won't really make a difference in May. I'm seeing it May whether you promoted it in October/November or not.

If I'm "Joe Movie-Goer" then heavily promoting the film now is irrelevant, because I don't care what's coming out 6 months from now -- I only want to know what coming out in the next few weeks. If I see ads a month or two before it comes out (and maybe a super bowl ad to kick the whole thing off -- no pun intended), then that's good enough for me.
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