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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

Okay... comparing to the GNP Crescendo album's track list, the only previously unreleased cues from "The Cage" are "Long Look" and "Who Was Eve?" (Plus a couple of title variances -- "Probing" was listed as "Probed" and "To Catch a T." as "To Catch a Talosian.") I'm a bit puzzled, because I thought the music for the Rigel Fortress establishing sequence was unreleased, and "Long Look" is in the wrong place to be that. Is my memory wrong?

Previously unreleased "Where No Man" cues include:

Beyond the Pale
The Patient
Some Corpse
Stronger and Stronger
Strangle by Wire
Power Mad
Situation Grave

That's more than half the soundtrack by running time; the previously released tracks add up to just over 13 minutes. Title differences: "Act 1 Card" was previously listed as "Star Date" (going by placement and run time), "Silver Orbs (Zooms Past)" was "Silvery Orbs," "On Delta Vega" was "On Delta-Vega," "End Title" was "End Title and Credits," and "End Credits" was "Additional Credits."

I'm puzzled by the track numbers. On other sets, it seems that the first digit represents the act -- track M21 is the first cue in act 2, M22 is the second, and so on, with the teaser and act 1 going together. But here we've got first digits going up to 8 for "The Cage" and 6 for "Where No Man," even though they had 4-act structures back then.
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