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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

Grade: A

So third times the charm for Daniel Craig's turn in the role to finally and actually make a James Bond movie. Finally! I still don't visually buy him as Bond but he played the part, the film was sprinkled with actual cinematic Bond traits and standards that it took a 50th Anniversary to pull off.

Casino Royale isn't a bad movie. Actually it's a pretty good spy movie. It's just not a cinematic James Bond movie.
The less said about Quantum of Solace the better. It's easily one of the 5 worst films in the whole franchise. And it does it while not being very Bond-esque either.

Skyfall is the first DC Bond I'll be proud to own and watch over and over. We could nitpick the crazy rationale of Silva's plan but that would be pointless. He's a Bond's kinda supposed to be that way. We have an actual Bond opening sequence, credit montage complete with song that features the title song by a current pop/rock artist with appeal. We have Q. We get another Moneypenny. Dare I say hotter than Samantha Bond's Moneypenny from the Brosnan era?! The classic showing last Saturday night actually had a few dozen people clap(including myself).
The movie felt like thematically it was borrowing from Goldeneye(turncoat Double OO agent) background on family(World is Not Enough), he dies(Connery's You Only Live Twice) only to resurface. The komodo dragon pit could just as easy been a variation on the shark tank or electric eel aquarium from Dalton's License to Kill. These aren't complaints. In fact they are kudos to them drawing inspiration from cool moments in the franchise to expand on and give Daniel Craig's turn at James Bond to actually feel like it belongs in the series.

Ok, I've praised. My only real plot question was why no one was checking in on the Skyfall property after Q had laid the bread crumbs. I know there was that line about once we leave a trail we have to back down so as not to tip him(Silva) off. However, don't you set a de facto time limit and if not digitally track(spy satellites) the property for signs of activity have some one drive out there? I get that Judi Dench is encountering health issues and was ready to pass the torch but it was set up for her to retire. Not sure her death had to happen.

Still it's a James Bond movie with Daniel Craig I can finally endorse.
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