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Re: My first voyage with Voyager


The episode starts with Harry flirting with the alien from Enara Prime, or was she flirting with him?? B’Elanna excused herself so Harry and the other women could be alone, and she went back to her quarters and had quite the racy dream! I like B’Elanna’s quarters. The plants look nice in there. I am not normally one who likes to decorate the indoors with plants, but when you are surrounded by space…

I cannot believe she told Chakotay that she was having deeply sensual dreams that felt real…I thought Chakotay actually blushed thinking about it. Then, he chided her and asked if he needed to write it up. At least he knew that she would “rip his head off” if he even wrote/spoke of it.

They are never out of uniform, even when meeting other cultures/people. Why are they in “street clothes” when they go to the re-decorated Mess Hall? Janeway looks great in that white pant suit with her hair half down! I think that is my favorite style that I have seen her in. The aliens are telepathic and they startled Janeway by helping her (telepathically) play a musical instrument of theirs. On another fashion note, Tuvok is stunning! He looks great in that color blue!

B’Elanna’s dreams have suddenly become violent. She shares this with Chakotay. (I like their interactions here. She is confiding in him about something quite personal and sexual, but there is no weird/awkwardness about it. He is her mentor and trusted advisor). Chakotay points out that it is not a coincidence that there are telepaths onboard while she is having these dreams.

While B’Elanna is dreaming she passes out and wakes up in the Doctor’s office. The Doc notifies her that her dreams are memories that have been implanted. Apparently, B’Elanna is picking up memories from them because of her telepathic capabilities. B’Elanna begins to have disturbing dreams/memories/flashbacks…(I am going with dreams here). She is having the memories from an older woman who is dying; a woman who wants the truth spoken, and she knows B’Elanna will share her memories. The woman’s memories are reminiscent of the holocaust. The “delinquent” members of society were being hauled away to never be seen or heard from again (most likely they were being vaporized and not transported to a new territory). I am reading “The Boy in The Stripped Pajamas” and when B’Elanna’s dream-father asked her if she could actually imagine that her family would be responsible for mass killings, I immediately flashed to the book.

In the end, B’Elanna’s dream lover was killed. The dream world went from this sexual fantasy to a Nazi Movement equipped with crowd’s chanting, and when the dream father was preaching (just before killing the lover) he even moved his hand in a Nazi-esk salute “Hail Hilter” type movement. B’Elanna confronts the leader of the people onboard the ship, and tells the story. Again, the similarities to the feelings of the Holocaust are prevalent. This episode was very well written.

Favorite part: The costumes and sexuality of this episode. I like seeing the characters in different clothes, and in the beginning of the episode everyone seemed a little more open. Kim flirted, B’Elanna shared her feelings…

Least favorite part: No mention of the Doctor’s memory problems!!
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