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Re: Three Years Of Starscream: A Celebration

Posted by Year of Hell:
Posted by Starscream:
3) CaptainWacky suggests changing the "jump to" menu to "beam to" - Some guy named YearOfHell will try and take credit for it, but it was really me. Sadly, the Beam To menu is no more, as restoring it under the new software would apparently require a massive hack or something.

DISCLAIMER: Some of the above may not be true.

I am taking this disclaimer to mean Point 3 is null and void. I made that damn thread in QSF, not you!!!! The "Beam To" menu was my idea, I remember Barcode and Reza posting in it (hopefully they remember who posted that thread...).

I was really enjoying your 3 year story but this point just blew it out of the water.

Happy birthday.


It was YEAR OF HELL'S idea.
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