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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Yep, when too many things get onscreen it get difficult to select my intended target. Most of my characters do fine in PVE fights. Of course my engineers fight much different than my sci and tac officers. On the SB24 I look for a player that seems to know what he's doing and take up a wingman position. Most players realize that my proximaty is to their advantage and we work together without having any conversation (I can't type and fly a starship at the same time - that's why they invented Vent).

On another note - I respec'd all my VA/LG characters. Previously, most of their skills were just added willy-nilly as I earned enough points to advance them. So now my engineers are better focused tanks, plus they have 3 tiers in threat so they get a little more attention. My tac is now better focused on tactical stuff and has 1 tier in threat. My sci officers are better focused on sci/med stuff and have 0 in threat. If you think that I've made any mistakes, let me know as I have respec tokens to burn. Some characters have as many as 12 respec tokens.
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