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Re: Why are there no Nuts / Bolts / Screws in Star Trek?

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There's certainly welding...
JJ's thing he calls Trek looks more primative than Enterprise, even Archer's warp core looked more advanced.
The warp cores in JJ's Star Trek were very similar to the ones seen in The Motion Picture and Voyager. They're seen briefly during the ejection sequence.

Stopping the construction of ships in space with robots and little work pods and replacing them with a bunch of sweaty guys with arch welders seems going backwords. And the TNG warpcore seemed small, sleeker and much more compact than JJ's brewery, which he did NOTHING to hide that.....looked bad in the original V and looks bad today, also. Surprised JJ did nit opt for the welders to use acetylene torches.
We've seen similar welding in Enterprise, during the Enterprise's refit in "The Expanse"
As for the brewery, it looks pretty much the same as engineering on the TOS Enterprise to me, albeit on a much larger scale

Whatever way they do it on Trek, it's gotta be a lot more advanced than a bunch of hot, smelly guys in overalls with arc welders.
"The Expanse" and "Home" disagree with you.
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