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Re: Anyone build a house?

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What does "future proof" mean to you? What are you including?
Thinking about running electrical up to the roof, maybe one day put in solar. That kind of idea.
Also think of the future of your family... Hallways and bathrooms wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair. No unnecessary steps. Smooth transitions between floor surfaces. Grab bars in the shower -- they make ones that look like regular towel bars now, so they don't scream "nursing home". And so on. Google "universal design" for ideas. Most of them are attractive and don't look like they were planned for accessibility. But you'll be grateful for them if you want to live there into old age, or even if one of you is just recuperating from an accident for a few weeks.

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What I would do for a self-build is hire an architect, tell him what I want and let him come up with some ideas.
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