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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

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But I'd rather finish reading it all before the new film contradicts it, so that I can enjoy each on their own without the contradictions pulling me out of the story.
I found long ago that the best way to avoid letting contradictions pull you out of the story is simply to accept that it's a story -- to abandon the conceit that it's somehow "real" in any way and just accept it as a piece of entertainment. There are Trek novels/comics that I accept as part of the "real" universe and others that I just consider pure fiction set in that universe, and I don't enjoy the latter any less. In fact, in recent years I find that I often gravitate more toward rereading the books/comics that aren't in continuity as I see it, since there's less baggage attached (keeping track of the continuity is too much like my work).

So just think of the Star Wars stories contradicted by the movies or The Clone Wars as "historical fiction," as it were. If you can enjoy reading a Sherlock Holmes story with the full knowledge that there never really was a Sherlock Holmes or Dr. Watson in the real late 19th-century England, then there's no reason you can't enjoy an ST or SW novel depicting a version of events that didn't "really" happen in the canonical universe.
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