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Re: Firefly first-time/rewatch (NO SPOILERS, please)

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Which is also the title of the post-series feature film. Confusing. In fact, a whole ball of confusion. We're thrown into the middle of a war. Why? Who? Where? Throw us a frakking bone, Whedon. Once that clears, it's Stars Wars/Western/Blade Runner pan-Asian mashup and tbh, there's not much of a plot. More like looong character setups. Can't say enamoured of any of them yet really, though Fillion has potential and Baldwin's character would be 100 times better if played by Ron Perlman.

But these two make me very happy.
I suspect one or both of them has a secret.

Verdict: meh. OK. Curious how it develops. Better get funnier.
I never expect a whole ton of backstory in a pilot. The point was to get the cast together, have a little adventure, and make way for the rest of the series. It probably could have been longer, but people have already "complained" in this thread about the length.

The shots of the war establish where Mal and Zoe were before the ship came along. We meet the others as they board the ship and prepare for their trip to (wherever it was).

I like Adam Baldwin. Ron Perlman, enh.

Fox programming folks thought the pilot moved too slow. Not enough action. So (on Thursday or Friday) they ordered a new script to be delivered the following Monday. Episode 2: The Train Job, first to be aired.
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