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Re: Green Arrow (CW)

I really liked this episode as well.

I liked that Diggle helps ground Oliver a bit and reminds him that his mission isn't the only thing that exists in the world.

I thought the fact that the Royal Flush Gang were a family and not a typical gang was a nice twist, and that they were tied in to Queen Snr's actions. I liked the use of the riot shield too, so far most of Oliver's fights have been pretty straightforward so I liked him being challenged a little bit.

The hallucination on the island was okay, although I wonder how many names were on the pages that he burnt. And how many names are there, there seem to be an awful lot of corrupt people in this thing.

I thought the Thea/Tommy/Laurel storyline was quite sweet, it was nice to see Tommy being developed a bit more. I'm assuming that Carter Bowls guy (I can't quite remember his name) will turn out to have some agenda or have some secret, perhaps even a fellow crimefighter?

I liked the namedrop of Coast City too.
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