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Re: 70 years to the Alpha Quadrant?

I don't remember the exact location of the GQ terminus ever being established.
The onscreen map from VOY helpfully gives that position, too.

However, the location of Voyager as established in Year of Hell P1 places her out on the rim, near the GQ-DQ border (right where she would have to be, if she were to be 70k ly from Earth and still be in the galaxy.)
Depends on how big you think the galaxy is. The general ballpark figure is 100,000 ly across for the disk, with Earth about halfway from the center, but modern data prefers 120,000 ly, with Earth two thirds out. Either way, it's perfectly possible to draw a circle with 70,000 ly radius around Earth and have a significant part of that remain inside the galaxy - symmetrically in Delta and Gamma!

virtually the entire GQ is closer than 70k ly.
But not the wormhole, because DS9 dialogue puts it at 70,000 ly from Bajor (and thus from Earth), too. The pilot mentions 90,000 ly, but that was apparently an erroneous estimate, later amended.

And one could argue that Janeway wasn't aware
What she was aware of was that the portmaster of her last port of call had very recently DESTROYED the wormhole (even if only in his dreams) because there was an INVINCIBLE FOE on the other side. Odds are that the wormhole would have ceased to exist immediately after Janeway's departure, but even if not, the route would be impassable because, well, the foe was invincible.

Do think it was established where the Borg were though (could be wrong) and Janeway chose to go that way anyway...
Before Janeway's departure, nobody indicated knowledge of Borg whereabouts. However, some years later, in ST:FC, Beverly Crusher somehow knew the Borg resided in the Delta Quadrant. We don't know where she learned that from or how.

But the Delta Quadrant is big, and odds of missing the Borg altogether are immense. The Gamma wormhole mouth is a point target, and the odds of missing the invincible foe there are exactly zero.

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