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Re: Buffy season nine discussion thread

I recently just reread Angel: After The Fall (inc Spike: ATF) and wow, does that seem about 50 times better than Season 9.
Apart from some of the slightly shoddy artwork in some of the middle issues (Nick Runge & Stephen Mooney, looking at you) that definitely actually felt like I was reading Angel. As opposed to Season 8 & 9 where I never really get that feeling.

It was also great how every issues flows into the next (really reminded me of Angel Season 4 that way) and that actually most of the story from #1 to #16 takes place over about 2 or 3 days in Hell-A. I'm pretty bored of Dark Horse's constant 4 issue arcs followed by a one shot, to ensure they all fit into their Trade Paperbacks.
It was also surprising how much actually happens in ATF, there's never a pointless filler issue, which at times it seems is what 90% of Season 9 has been made up of.

I recently caught up with some issues, Buffy 14, Spike 2 & 3, and A&F 15. I'm enjoying the Spike series; I just hope it goes somewhere. That A&F issue was cool, but they seriously need to kick the plot into gear now, do not give us another meandering pointless 4 issue arc.

And Billy the Vampire Slayer?? Why should I care? Seriously, because I do not one bit. Seems to me they've just done this to shut up all the gay fans they seem to have on the letters page of each issue (going through all Season 8) asking why aren't there any gay characters. I couldn't care less if a character is gay, straight or Australian, I just want a decent story. And I'm not getting one with this book.
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