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Re: MLB Offseason 2012

Good for Dickey, it's a nice story. And yeah, after the post All Star Break nosedive, R.A. Dickey pitching night was about the only reason to tune in.

This team frustrates the hell out of me. There are nights when you think, hey, these homegrown kids aren't bad, if they add a bat here and an arm there, they could contend. Then there are nights when you come to the sobering revelation that they will never win a title or even a division with Ike Davis, Daniel Murphy, Lucas Duda, et al.

Then you get the utter slapdickery of ownership. They're still hamstrung by the Madoff stuff, and they're getting into this delightful habit of paying players to go away. (Bay, Castillo, Perez, and oh yeah isn't Bobby Bonilla on the payroll until June of 2634)

Fuck my life. My baseball team should have everything working in its favor as a large market team with a cable sports network in a sport that's inequitably set up. Yet they still manage to suck 100 feet of dude whistle. My football team has lost 3 games by a combined 4 points and their defense couldn't stop the Cupcake State University, much less a decent NFL team. Hell, they couldn't stop a bad NFL team last week. Just do me a favor and get blown out in the first playoff game like you did against Baltimore a few years ago when it was 14-0 before I even got home with the pizza instead of getting my hopes up before another last minute Super Bowl nutpunch.

OK, I think I'm good.
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