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Re: Best Place To Which You've Ever Traveled

It depends on the kind of travel.

City life: Berlin is great! Lots of things to do, people are on the streets all the time when the weather permits it and it is very easy to move around and experience the city. Also, Hong Kong. I was amazed by that city. The tricky part is to visit when the weather is good.

Nature: I enjoyed Norway, mainly because we hired a car and drove around, visiting fjords. It's an expensive country though, driving around costs a lot.

Culture: I personally liked New Zealand, because the Maori culture is very different than my own and I enjoyed learning about them (I did not get a chance to see nature there...).

All-around experience: No place like home, I guess. Far from my hometown, but I enjoyed my stay at the Greek island of Santorini a lot! Just pick some non-high-season period, you don't want to have to deal with all the tourists chasing the sunset... The island may not have the best beaches on average (even though one of my all time favorites is hidden there) but the views are great, the non-touristy villages are very pretty and I found it has a nice calming effect on the soul. Again, avoid the high-season!
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