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"When they take him to sickbay after escaping/fighting their way out of the room the shot in the turbolift is aimed down where the travel direction is not in view. You can't really tell which way they went - unless you guys are thinking of another scene?"
Your observation is impeccable but in that scene from "Day of the Dove" the turbo lift ride from sickbay to the bridge is so short (must be a warp express turbo lift ) that compared to "Amok Time" (bridge to deck 5) it becomes increasingly difficult to rationalize that they first went down to sickbay and then Kirk went up to the bridge alone.

Another thing is that the Klingons control "deck 6 and starboard deck 7" (sickbay on the port side exclusively?) while the 38 remaining Enterprise crew members "control all decks above". This episode is confusing. Later on the Klingons have taken "engineering section" but it doesn't seem to be on deck 6 as Mara is sent to number 6 deck to cripple "life-support" (IRL wouldn't she say something like "at the other side of this deck?")



I do enjoy your straying unless Albertese feels that we should return to the original theme of this thread.
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