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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

Rite of Passage: Nirrti is my absolute favorite Goa'uld. She's just so in your face And the constant open mouth sneer.

Okay the big mystery here is WHAT was Cassandra changing into? Frasier seemed to think she was changing into a dead girl but Cassandra seemed to think she was changing into something new and cool and powerful.

No one asked WHY Cassandra so desperately did not want this transformation to be stopped especially as she obviously felt like crap.

I got the distinct impression that Nirrti thought O'Neill was hot. There is one scene where she looks to him as she makes her mind up and then the end scene when she checks him out as she's about to leave. This is her looking at O'Neill in that scene:

It's not surprising, he is very hot and I think she would love to just pounce on him. Of course he'd be a husk of his former self when she was finished.

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