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Re: My Trek Through Enterprise


It seems like the guy in charge of the VHC is dirty. I assumed that the guy they came across in the desert was Syran. So, he must have passed his katra over to Archer, as well as Surak's. What's happening to Archer reminds me of what happened to TOS McCoy when Spock died. I only vaguely remember that, but he seemed troubled by what he couldn't explain. And I don't know that I like T'Pau. In fanfiction, she's Spock's grandmother. I wonder if that's really true. I can understand why Surak chose to stay where he was because T'Pau seemed a little to closed-minded. Oh no, poor T'Pol. At least she got to say goodbye.

Grade: B minus


And so we do find out that Penar Syndrome is caused by a poorly trained practitioner. Even though it shows up on biological scans when someone has been damaged by an irresponsible practitioner, it can be corrected by someone who actually knows what they are doing. This means, that had the careless and selfish Vulcan that persuaded T'Pol into melding had A) known what he was doing, and B) cared enough not to rape her, then she would have never contracted the disease. Thank heavens for T'Pau!!! And another kind thanks to Sindatur for his good memory.

I'm disappointed in Shran. Soval went out of his way to help the Andorians, and this is the thanks he gets. I suppose Shran had his orders to follow, though. It's just that Soval didn't deserve torture. I'm glad that everything worked out in the end, and poor Kos. I almost think T'Pol didn't deserve him. He was such a good person. I think she broke his heart.

Oh, wait a minute. Was that a Romulan?

Grade: B
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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