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Re: My Trek Through Enterprise

They were sheep that, despite their "superior intelligence," weren't smart enough to question a bad leader and find a good one (which it seems is what they might have had at the beginning). Obviously the ambitious guy was deceptive, but even he could only wear a mask for so long. At around the same time Pesis realized that he wasn't the one, at least some of the others should have been questioning his rule as well. That doesn't mean that every single one of them wants to lead the group, but it does mean that every single one of them is able to put 2 and 2 together in their own way like Pesis did.

Now you want to drag Khan into it. Okay, the same thing you said about the "Jack Pack" applies here. Different batch of augments. They were also older and more experienced. Once again, the problem here was that these augments didn't live up to their flawed description, not that they weren't like other augments in other times.

So, either the description should have been different within the ENT series, or the augments should have been different so as to live up to the description. The only reason why I mentioned the "Jack Pack" in DS9 is because there, the people writing them actually made them what they were described as, so comparing the finer details of what they were is irrelevant here, only the fact that they actually were what they were described as. Since you seem to think that the ENT augments were just fine, then I'd guess you'd be leaning towards their description being off in this series because, one or the other, something was off.
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